Dough to Done in 5 Minutes

Your pizza is custom built with fresh ingredients and premium mozzarella cheese. Start by selecting your dough: traditional, ancient grain or gluten free. It gets hand shaped right before you. Then move down the line to select sauce and toppings, or choose one of signature pizzas. When it’s all sauced and topped, it goes into our custom-built stone fired oven to stone fire your pizza to perfection in 3 minutes! Our pizzas are not the typical baked pizza. Only our stone fired ovens let us deliver that special crisp chewy crust and smoke accent.

Lotsa Difference

Pizza is simple. At Lotsa we made a commitment to serve our customers the best pizza with the freshest ingredients including fresh, premium mozzarella. But, that isn’t enough to turn your head so we lit up stone fired ovens and let you Build-Your-Own pizza choosing your crust and toppings as you walk through our order line. You direct our pizza makers who make your pizza to order in front of your eyes and bake them in a stone fired oven for the ultimate crust and taste. The difference is Lotsa.

Why a Stone Fired Oven

These ovens are crazy hot. The ovens are brought up to 800° with the moist heat of a stone fire. The unique oven design with rotating baking plate lets the heat surrounding your pizza, rotating, baking and infusing the stone fired flavor into the pizza crust. The intense heat that is unique to stone fired ovens cooks our pizzas in just 3 minutes creating a chewy thin crust with the perfect amount of charring around the edges.

Stone Fired Oven Crusting

Charring: The stone fired oven creates a unique crust finish that is slightly charred. The crust is chewy thin with a leopard spotted appearance. The charring adds to the natural appeal and flavor.

Lotsa Pizzas: Thin hand-shaped pizzas are 11”, the perfect size to satisfy the appetite of one hungry customer.

Margherita Pizza: A Naples baker created a pizza to honor Queen Margherita who visited Naples in 1889. The queen’s colors mirrored the Italian flag so the baker used tomatoes for red, mozzarella for white and basil for green.

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